The Weeks in-Between Competitions

By Simone V., March 26, 2017

Competing at a Week One FIRST Regional event, such as the Lake Superior Regional, is like participating in a shake-down cruise. One never knows what the robot will really do until it is on a real FIRST competition field.

We finished 19th after the qualification matches in Duluth, just enough matches to show us what work remains ahead. One of our newest team sponsors, HID Global, Eden Prairie, offered us time and space for additional practice, using our second (practice) robot. While there, we are working on improvements to the robot and driving techniques before competing in the Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional competition at the University of Minnesota.

The team has been hard at work preparing for the competition. In addition, team members have worked with Teams 2177 -The Robettes, and Team 4607 - Becker to help them ready their robots for the fields and team members for presentations during the North Star and 10,000 Lakes Regionals, respectively.

Lastly, 1816 is making some significant, glittery changes to our humble mascot costume, also known as The Green Machine Hornet. Our new, improved mascot will be unveiled at the 10,000 Lakes Regional, an event that is free and open to the public. Be part of our superfan contingent; come cheer us on when our robotics team and 62 other high school FIRST teams take to the court at Williams Arena on April 7 -8, 2017.