March Outreach Madness

By Simone V., March 26, 2017

On March 9th, Green Machine members Harini J., Owen S., Jack H, and Brandon S. visited AP Government classrooms at Valley View Middle School to give presentations about STEM in the legislature to possible team rookies. The presentation highlighted ways that kids can get involved with STEM by talking to elected officials.

“When we present, we show [the students] what they can do in the government,” said Harini J., author of the STEM bill that was recently introduced in the Minnesota state legislature. “They can go out and make a difference by speaking to their elected officials. We try to show the kids what they can accomplish… they can apply their knowledge in the future by making an impact in something they care about.”

In addition to the March 9th appearance at the middle school, the Green Machine also continued its outreach at several Edina elementary school carnivals, Creek Valley and Highlands. Team members Morgan S. and Anushka A. were in charge of the events. “Running a STEM-based activity at Highlands was a really great opportunity to get kids involved in STEM-related activities at a young age,” said Anuska A.

Just before St. Patrick’s day, several adventurous 1816 Team members went to the Minnesota Children's Hospital to appear in as featured guests on the Kids Clubhouse show. Accepting a guest appearance in the Star Studio means that Team members have to be ready to dance, play games, or take part in silly skits and jokes with the host, known as “The Dude.” Oh yes, and there was our 2016 robot, too. “We were able to show off our robot in a fun way,” said Brandon S. “We helped build a VEX shooter on the spot, too.”

Outreach events are ongoing year-round, even during the competition season! Interested in learning more? Please write to us, with any questions regarding team outreach programs.