Halfway to Bag Day

By Oscar W., January 27, 2018

When FIRST says plan for weather to interrupt build, weather really happens. Due to heavy snow and cold weather Jan. 22-23, we didn't have access to our shop after-school and then had a snow day due to 12” to 14” of snow! Snow, combined with semester finals, curtailed all of our regular robot-build and programming hours. However, even after all of the complications this week, our 2018 robot (nicknamed ZZbot) has a moving and completed drivetrain, a solid collector mechanism, and a ramp mechanism that is rolling from prototype into its final iterations.

The lift mechanism is nearly completed; we just need to add a winch and components to go along with it, and we will be able to get it mounted to the robot. This week, we have also been working a lot more in computer-aided design (CAD), which has made things a lot more accurate, slipstreamed the process, and has made robot build much faster.