A Win at the LSR!

Posted by Lauren on March 12, 2014

The Green Machine is going to the FIRST World Championships! Thanks to our wonderful team members who worked tirelessly on essays, the video, presentations and speeches, as well as to the rest of the team that turned out all year for countless outreach events and community projects, Team 1816 won the Chairman’s Award at the Lake Superior Regional! At the same time, our robot, Zeke, also did very well during this competition. Our final rank was 16th -- and we were picked by the 8th rank alliance. We battled fiercely through four quarterfinal matches against the #1 alliance – and fell just short of making it to the semi-finals.  All and all this past weekend was super fun and full of great accomplishments. Before we get to St.

Next Stop, Duluth

Posted by Lauren on March 4, 2014

Zeke is going to the Double-DECCer in Duluth! The Green Machine is going to our first 2014 competition this weekend in Duluth, Minnsota. We are competing in the Lake Superior Regional. We are all so excited to be able to see all the other designs and solutions to this years game. We believe Zeke cannot wait to see how well he will run in a real competition. For the spectators (and parents) who are reading this, these competitions are free and so much fun! This is a great activity if you have kids who are interested in engineering or who just want to see a bunch of robots compete against each other. We hope to see you there!

Zeke is in the Bag

Posted by Lauren on February 19, 2014

The 2014 Build season is over and, while we are all sad to stop working, we are pleased to welcome to the FIRST competitions The Green Machine's 2014 robot, Zeke. Zeke has a mecanum drive train for optimal maneuverability. He's fitted with a catapult shooter fabricated out of harpoon tubing elastic which glides smoothly over a 3D printed roller. The intent is to shoot into the high goal with reasonable accuracy. Zeke also has a wheeled ball collector, which doubles as a low goal shooter. Furthermore, our robot is able to to catch the giant exercise balls and shoot over the mid-field truss. Excitement is building to see how well Zeke does in the real competitions.

Week 0 Scrimmages

Posted by Lauren on February 9, 2014

On Saturday February 15th, The Green Machine will be attending the Week 0 scrimmage at Centennial Lakes High School hosted by FRC 2052-KnightKrawlers and FRC 2472-Centurions. This is an exciting event because this allows us to learn what a real competition looks like as well as what is important in this year's game before we bag up our robots. We cannot wait to see all of the different designs teams have come up with for Aerial Assist. Part of the magic of FIRST is coopertition and this year's game is centered on this concept. I can't wait to see how well teams work together and succeed.

FIRST Day is Saturday!

Posted by Lauren on February 6, 2014

The Green Machine is hosting our annual STEM day this Saturday, February 8th at Edina High School. This year our FTC and FLL teams - including Piece of Cake, Easy as Pi, Motor Bolts, Mechanical Monkeys, and the Robo Droids - are joining us for a full day of FIRST STEM. We are so excited to have our sibling teams with us for our annual STEM day to help spread the word of FIRST in our community. Everyone will be bringing something to demo for this family-friendly event. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend to learn about what FIRST is and what it is that we do. Students of every age will learn about a type of program they could join to express their innovative ideas and learn about engineering and teamwork.

Blast Off to the Future

Posted by Guest Blogger on February 2, 2014

Kevin Kruempelstaedter was a 2013 co-Captain of Team 1816. Now at Cornell University, his intended major is aerospace engineering.

Kevin's Flyer

Kevin's Flyer

Kevin's Flyer

Kevin's Flyer
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The benefits of a FIRST experience are extensive. Not only is the experience itself one of the most enjoyable things you will ever do in high school, but the experience will also pay dividends for years down the line. My FIRST experience both changed my view of engineering and enabled me to do far more than the average college freshman. Most people do not have the opportunity to participate in such an amazing program, and having the experience early makes all of the difference to employers and program leaders. FIRST is a once in a lifetime chance in that they do not ask you to have experience to join, and that is becoming increasingly rare.

The Cold Isn't Stopping Us

Posted by Lauren on January 28, 2014

This build season has been fantastic! All of our subteams have been working together very well to come up with what may possibly be the best robot yet! This week we are finishing up some testing and refining, and programming is underway full speed. Zeke is turning out to be a great shooting robot with a very mobile mecanum drive train. The elastic “shooter” seems to be working with a lot of accuracy and minimal stretching of the band. From CAD, we have a pretty good idea of how the robot will turn out, but truly we cannot wait to see Zeke actually running and obeying the programmer’s commands. Which brings me to our annual open house, FIRST Day in Edina! On Feb. 8th, we are hosting our annual STEM day community open house!

Projects In 6 Weeks

Posted by Guest Blogger on January 12, 2014
Dan Purdy

FIT Senior Project

Dan Purdy

FIT Senior Project
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Hello, my name is Dan Purdy and I am a past captain of the Edina Robotics FIRST Team 1816. I was a member of this team from 2006 to 2010 and I am now I senior studying aerospace engineering at the Florida Institute of Technology. This year I am a member of a senior design team working to construct a variable aspect ratio unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Essentially, on takeoff the UAV’s wings will be fully extended in order to generate the most lift and make takeoff as easy and efficient as possible. When the UAV reaches cruising altitude the outer section of the wings will be retracted in order to decrease the drag of the aircraft and increase efficiency. When the UAV reaches its mission location, the wings can again be extended in order to increase the amount of time that the UAV can spend conducting its mission, and the wings will again be retracted for the return flight. Our team foresees this vehicle being used by farmers in order to check on the condition of crops over large areas or biologists to check vegetation and wildlife conditions over similarly large areas. 

Exploring New Terra

Posted by Guest Blogger on December 18, 2013

Hey! I'm Alex O'Neill, a recent alumnus of FIRST Team 1816 - The Green Machine. After leaving the team, I've been working hard here at Carnegie Mellon University, pursuing what I love: Computer Science! I am incredibly thankful for my FIRST robotics team, and I cannot thank them enough for helping me get here!

Ringing Bells and Lighting Up LEDS

Posted by Lauren on December 15, 2013

Saturday, The Green Machine was at the Minnesota Children's Museum along with 2052-KnightKrawlers, 2177-Robettes, a FTC team from Eagan, and our sponsor, 3d printing company Stratasys, for Robot Day. We brought Zephyr, our basketball-playing robot from 2012’s Rebound Rumble game, to demo for kids and families and show them how she works. We also brought Zed, our robot from 2013’s Ultimate Ascent, to demonstrate how creativity and 3D printing can come together to make some really cool stuff (like deliver Frisbees to shooting mechanism). The Green Machine along with the Robettes also showed kids how to make use wiring to make simple circuits to light up LEDs and ring bells!  It was a great turn out and everyone had tons of fun.