About Us

About Us

Our Edina High School students combine together their interests in math, science, engineering, computer programming, business, and media, to build a team and a robot to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition.


Mission Statement

The Green Machine designs and builds robots to compete in FIRST competitions and to inspire new generations to become involved with STEM. Our goals are to bring FIRST to new audiences; to be a role model of Gracious Professionalism®; and to use our experience to expand FIRST and make FIRST Available to All.

The Web Team

Online since fall 2006, Team 1816s website is student designed, developed, and maintained. All content ©2006-2017 FRC Team 1816 - The Green Machine. All rights reserved. FIRST, FRC, and the FIRST logo © FIRST. All logos and images are copyright of their respective owners. We thank our sponsors for granting permission to use their logos in our website format. If a sponsors' logo is not shown with a circle TM or R, we are following the directions of the trademark's owner. We thank Matthew Kaemmerer, founding member of Team 1816, for our Gear Eyes logo and animation.