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Taking STEM and FIRST to Capitol Hill

By Amy M., June 21, 2015

1816 members are upgrading from Team polos and khakis to business attire in order to meet government officials in Washington DC. Our Team has been invited to participate with Team 27 RUSH in their 2nd annual National Advocacy Conference (NAC) from June 14th to 16th. This actually will be Team 1816's 3rd trip to our Nation's Capitol, where we meet with our Representatives and Senators to discuss STEM issues that concern us and directly impact our educations. This year, we are centering our discussions on FIRST Robotics, ESEA re-authorization (known now as the Every Child Achieves Act), STEM education programs, and EdTech programs. Our Team will be meeting with district Representatives Messrs. Paulsen, Ellison, and Kline.

Our Tenth Anniversary - Already Almost Over

By Owen S., May 10, 2015

After an incredibly successful World Championships, where our Team was selected for the playoffs on the Curie Field, The Green Machine returned from St. Louis to prepare for one last competition. In Duluth earlier this year, our robot made it into the Quarterfinals and we won the Lake Superior Regional Engineering Inspiration Award, which earned us enough points to qualify our Team for for the 4th annual Minnesota State High School League Championship! On May 16, Team 1816 will return to Williams Arena to compete with 29 other Minnesota FIRST teams at the one-day event. This day is guaranteed to be packed with fast-paced robot action and exciting to watch.

It All Happened So Fast at Championship

By Amy M., May 4, 2015
1816 Pit Crew

1816 Pit Crew

1816 Pit Crew

1816 Pit Crew
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Having returned from FIRST Championships at the end of April, members of 1816 are scrambling to catch up on sleep, school, and everything else that was suspended for robotics. This year, with 30 new members, we brought our largest contingent of team members-ever to St Louis. In the pool of over 600 FRC teams, we were in competition for the Entrepreneurship Award, the Engineering Inspiration award, and the most prestigious award of FIRST, the Chairman's award. On Curie field, we were the first pick in the fifth seeded alliance and finished seventh overall in the quarterfinals.