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Supporting our Edina FTC Teams

By Amy M., March 22, 2015

The Green Machine gathered at South View Middle School on March 21 with our 2014 robot, Zeke, as part of an outreach effort to support Edina FIRST Tech Challenge teams “Piece of Cake” and “Easy as Pi” during a special fundraiser and screening of "Slingshot." "Slingshot" is a documentary focusing on FIRST founder Dean Kamen and his 15 year mission to invent a machine that would provide clean water for millions of people living in developing countries. Kamen draws a parallel between himself and David, a biblical character, as they both use a "slingshot" to solve a big problem, Goliath being the metaphor for the world's water crisis.

1816's Version of March Madness

By Kyle D., March 20, 2015

When we looked at the calendar with the weeks stretching between our FIRST competition in Duluth at the end of February to our second regional competition at Williams Arena April 3 – 4, we thought about how best to use this time. In Edina, March is the season of elementary school carnivals – and that is where you’ll find The Green Machine.

Weekend Update: 2015 LSR Engineering Inspiration

By Peter O., March 7, 2015
1816's Drive Team on the LSR Field

1816's Drive Team on the LSR Field

1816's Drive Team on the LSR Field

1816's Drive Team on the LSR Field
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Hello Sponsors, Friends and Fans of The Green Machine: We are pleased and excited to report that FRC Team 1816’s promotion of STEM education and our support of other FIRST teams was recognized with the Engineering Inspiration Award at the Week One FIRST Lake Superior Regional Competition! Winning this award qualifies 1816 for the World Championships in St. Louis (April 22 – 25), and as an added bonus, the EI award also carries with it a $5,000 grant from NASA to cover the competition’s registration fee.