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Why Go All The Way to Woodbury?

By Willem J., August 18, 2014

Given my own age it will sound strange to say this, but I will say it anyway: kids are the key to the future. Without them (or should I say us?), any prospective future development, no matter the extensity of ideas, the availability of material, remains the fantasy of science fiction writers – purely speculative and, to the minds of a stagnated era, slightly outlandish. Kids have such a value to society because they bring the fresh perspective, one developed out of the unique environment of their generation, spawning the newest innovations and academic inquiries. I think FIRST was founded with this in mind.

Who Doesn’t Like Playing with Legos?

By Ivy B., August 10, 2014

STEM and FIRST outreach are the dominant themes of The Green Machine’s summer. Lego Robotics has been popular no matter where we’ve set up, whether it’s been the Cedars of Edina Apartments; Girl Scout camp in Burnsville; at People Serving People, a Minneapolis homeless shelter, or at the Valley Crossing Community Kids Club in Woodbury. We’ve even seen our Lego curriculum for young people ages 5 – 14 being used this summer in Lego  Robotics camps offered by Geek Squad in 26 cities (including Minneapolis) nationally!

Taking STEM and FIRST Directly to Capitol Hill

By Srujun G., June 25, 2014
The Sweet 16 Tweet About STEM

The Sweet 16 Tweet About STEM

The Sweet 16 Tweet About STEM

The Sweet 16 Tweet About STEM
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As FIRST Robotics students, we are known to not only participate in Robot Design, Build and Programming but also in other aspects of the team such as Media, Business and Strategy. This summer, The Green Machine assembled its own Advocacy Team and travelled to Washington D.C. to participate in the first National Advocacy Conference organized by Team 27 RUSH. We were given the opportunity to talk to our Congressmen and Senators, introduce them to the FIRST program and discuss education issues that would help grow STEM and FIRST.